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Training Courses

tsc  offers a range of technical training courses. Currently we can deliver any of these courses as live online sessions, tailoring them to your needs. Alternatively courses can be held at your premises when permitted.

We offer courses in the following areas of technology:

Remelt and Casthouse   |   Extrusion Process   |   Rolling Process   |   Product Metallurgy


A series of three related courses are scheduled for aluminium remelts and cast houses, starting in October 2021. These courses will run sequentially; attendees can register for any of them.

(1)  Scrap Processing and Melting Furnaces,       (2)  Aluminium Molten Metal Treatment,       (3)  Direct Chill (DC) Casting

The next weekly live online course starts on Tuesday 7th December 2021, 15:00 UK time, running for 8 weeks:

 Aluminium Molten Metal Treatment

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The course is delivered in weekly 2-hour live sessions. Each session focusses on one seminar, and launches an associated computer-based workshop which attendees tackle in their own time before the subsequent live session.

Molten Metal Treatment focuses on the three traditional aluminium molten metal quality indices: dissolved hydrogen, non-metallic inclusions and alkali metals. For each contaminant, the course considers the origin of that impurity, its impact on product properties, how it is measured, and how it is controlled. 

These online courses are based on our traditional three-day Molten Metal Treatment and DC Casting course, which has been running annually for the past 15 years.




Fluxing water with olive oil, removing iodine by partitioning     PoDFA inclusion sampling statistics


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